What I'm Trying to Say About Being Shy

A coywolf was recently spotted roaming the outskirts of New York City and parks in the Bronx. These events were called extraordinary as though we’re surprised that all animals are drawn to company. Sure, they were there to feed and scavenge, but they also found each other. Conservation groups claim coywolves are taking over North America, as in replacing other coyote and wolf populations. Now joined together, coywolves can do things one could not without the other: wolf enough to take down a deer, coyote enough to be wary of danger.

There are many facts to know about each animal and their behaviors and studies to study, I’m sure. Here is one: some wolves travel 500 miles to look for their mate. Another: most mate for life.

Before calling the police, a resident in one of the towns frequented by the creature studied a coywolf from the end of her drive.

Juliana Roth