Some Thing Sweet on This Earth

Ultimately, I believe that environmental tenants (preservation, conservation, deep ecology, etc) make visible what is often seen as dispensable. What then can observing the earth reveal about ourselves? What future do we cultivate through our relationship with the environment? Who and what gets left out? Iā€™m curious of how big unknowns and unfathomables (death, love, loss) might be cultivated through an imaginative exchange with the environment and nonhuman life, and how these relationships might demonstrate how language can or cannot connect us.

These short blog posts are meant to attend to sweet things on this earth as a way to preserve them, and so then to hope to grow them. The intention is not to avoid anthropomorphism or the pathetic fallacy, but to explore these as opportunities to remain open to the world in surprising ways. Through doing this, I hope to discover how dynamic the environmental relationship could be as a space for writers or other artists. I welcome observations and prompts from anyone who might encounter this project.

Juliana Roth